Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Here are some ultrasound pics and a vid at 5 months

Ultrasound Full Album

Saturday, March 1, 2008


About a month back, I made a long delayed visit to the dentist here. The first procedure done was a cleaning. It's quite different here. It seems a lot more thorough, and as a result, a whole lot "bloodier" and a bit more painful. In the Philippines, most of the cleaning seems to be with that machine. Here it's a lot more with that sharp tool thing (pick?).

Then a couple of days ago, I had my 2 remaining wisdom teeth removed. I originally had 4 wisdom teeth, all underneath the gums. the top ones had a normal downward growth. The bottom ones were weirder, growing sideways towards the other teeth. I had one side done in the Philippines. Those weren't very fond memories. Let's just say I had it done around 2003/2004 and waited this long to have the other side done. So I wasn't looking forward to the procedure. Surprisingly, aside from the anesthesia injection, I didn't feel a thing. I wonder what they did differently? If only it was this painless in the first place, I would have had this done a long time ago. I guess it being a lot more expensive here is a factor. And Finding Nemo was also playing at the same time. Oh well, it's over now. Just have to get through the swelling. We can move on to the next Dental problem. Braces aren't covered in our current dental plan though. We'll deal with it when we clear other priorities. Crap, I'm going to be one of the oldest people with braces. Oh who cares, I'm married, no need to be cool :)

Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter Laboy and Record Breakers

It began to get warmer about a week ago. So we were able to spend some time outdoors at the Forks.

Winter Laboy

Record Breaker?

A couple of days later, Winnipegers attempted to break the record for longest human chain (on skates). The city recently took the record for longest skating rink (made official just a few days ago)., so there was a perfect place to try it. Last I heard they had enough people but it hasn't been made official yet. The current record is held By Mexico City (imagine that...).

Longest Human Chain on Skates

I'm pregnant! :)

Well most everyone I know knows this by now.

That test was done back in November. Pretty much threw a monkey wrench in all our plans. We wanted to do a bit of traveling for a year. Oh well, at least we'll have a new travel companion. Not to worry, unplanned doesn't mean unloved. Does that sound too korny or mushy to you? Well, kiss my ...

Shortly after, we went on a pregnancy book borrowing spree. I personally went folate crazy when buying food. "Does it have folate?" "How much daily %?". I haven't done as much reading as I want to though.

I want to do the best job possible supporting Mean. It's not so easy since I'm just naturally lazy. Thankfully Mean doesn't have any crazy food cravings. Not a lot of mood swings either. Though she says I'm the one having the mood swings. I don't know why. Maybe that's what Scared+Excited does. I dunno, I just have to fix that so Mean can relax more.

We had an appointment with the OB-GYN only this January (3 months). I heard our child's heartbeat for the first time. Pretty cool. I wish I could have recorded it or something. Can't wait for the ultrasound. I'm not sure if I want to know the sex yet though. It's either we could be more prepared or have a nice little surprise. In any case I'd like a photo and/or video. Maybe even a 3D image. Of course I'll post them here.

Here's a little update:


Lazy Blogger

Obviously, I haven't been blogging for several months now. Oddly enough, some big things have happened in that span of time. One of which is probably the most important event since I started blogging. Hopefully I can get back to my previous frequency of posts from here on out.

My birthday happened in December. Moving on...

It was also winter during most of this hiatus. We've gotten temperatures as low as -51C (with wind chill).

Winnipeg Winter

Christmas Tree

That picture was taken in the Fort Garry hotel during my company's Holiday Party. It's a pretty nice Christmas tree. It doesn't compare to our Christmas tree though:

Humidifier/Air Purifier
I noticed the above 2 items in flyers and I wondered whether we should purchase them. After reading up on why to buy these, I found out that indoor air can get much drier and dirtier than outside air. Especially here where windows aren't kept open too much with heating in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer. Other effects of dry air are frequent shocks due to static electricity and dry throat. Mean also has (presently mild) asthma so the air purifier could help there. After doing a bit of research, I settled on a Bionaire cool mist humidifier and a Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier.

They seem to be doing their jobs so far though it's less obvious with the air purifier. We experience less static shocks and our throats aren't as dry as before in the morning. We probably need to tweak them a little more for maximum effect. However, we now have some extra maintenance to do like cleaning the filters, water containers, etc.

We went on a small furniture buying spree at the end of 2007. We got 2 new side tables, 2 nightstands, a hutch, roman blinds, and a bookshelf (ok, a couple of these were gifts). We went on another binge in February adding cocktail table, dresser, headboard and an extra nightstand Our house is a little less bare now though there's still a few things we'd like to add like the sofa's matching loveseat, a computer chair and maybe a bench. I'll consider not buying these until we get a house since moving's going to be harder with more and more stuff.