Thursday, August 30, 2007

No car... for now

So we're not to get a car yet. We gave it some thought and decided that we really don't need a car that bad and could use the extra savings. Anyway, the main reason we moved downtown was for convenience and as a result, delay the need for a car. Also, we went into the dealership hoping to get the 2007 model which had 2.9% interest. They didn't have that so we settled on the 2008 which had 5.9% interest. After they rejected that, we would have to go to the banks where the interest rate would be even higher ($5000 down payment just isn't an option). So nevermind. I'm thinking we'll just try again when I've reached 1 year at my current job. That would be around March. By then we should have better credit. The 2009 Corolla might also be out then so the 2008 might be cheaper then (at least interest-wise). People will probably still try to convince us to go for the bank route. But I think we have to do things our own way.

I just hope that the car that was (not so) nearly ours ends up with a good and loving family :)


Ash d(-_-)b said...

I'm not sure how the credit thing works there in Canada, but here you pretty need to start building up your credit score, history, and line to get a good deal. Again not sure exactly how things work there, but here a good way to do that is opening a few credit cards (2-3) would be enough to get you started. Try to pick the ones with no annual fees and just be conscious of your use so that you won't be carried away :)...have you tried looking for low mileage 2nd hand corollas or those certified pre-owned ones? That way you don't have to shoulder the initial depreciation cost that kicks in the moment you drive the new car out of the dealership.

PatLV23 said...

ayoko muna 2nd hand, di naman ako masyadong marunong sa kotse. By March we'll try again. 1 year na ako sa work nun, and more credit history for sure. Yup, kukuha na nga ako ng card.