Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Got a Car

On Tuesday, we tried to buy a car again. This time, we decided to offer $2000 up front just in case Toyota Credit bites. If not, then we would pay the likely $5000 with credit and debit combined. So we went in and did the usual test drive and filling in of info. They still had the 2008 Corolla with the same color as the one we tried out before. The finance manager who handled us before wasn't in though so they said they'd call us the next day. No problem though, we didn't expect to bring it home right there and then.

So Wednesday went by and we didn't receive a call. Thursday afternoon, and still no call. I called and found out the finance manager wasn't in again. A bit annoying for me and more so for Mean. So Friday comes around and the finance manager finally calls Mean up, and it turns out we still need to make the $5000 down payment.

She tells Mean that we have to submit a bunch of work/income documents, some of which we couldn't give immediately. She told her though that we could still get the car on Saturday and the other documents could just be sent when they were available. However, when I called to finalize when to get the car, she said that it's best to wait for all required documents before picking up the car. Mean was really upset now, while I wasn't too affected.

I guess that I'm more patient with people. In this case, this wasn't a good thing. This was confirmed even more when I learned of friends with similar backgrounds (credit, length of stay, etc) who had much more pleasant car buying experiences. Despite their convincing us to switch dealerships, I decided to give it one last try. If we couldn't get the car on Saturday, then we'd try another place. So Mean called to indicate our intentions of getting the car and also aired some of her grievances. After sending our documents by e-mail, and waiting an hour or two, the finance manager called and told us that we could get the car in the afternoon. When we got there, she was apologetic and mentioned that Toyota credit was being a bit tough these days. So we finished some paperwork, signed some documents and paid the down payment. We couldn't leave without car insurance so they brought us to the nearby mall too get Autopac. After this, they attached our plates and after a brief rundown of the car's features, we were ready to leave with our new car.

So there, we have a car. It's definitely gonna give us a whole lot more freedom. The weather will be less of an issue now. Waiting at the bus stop when it's -40C isn't pleasant. We also have to be careful though that we don't go too far with this new convenience. Gas and eating out a lot is expensive. I also have to learn a whole lot about maintaining it especially with the weather here.

We haven't taken any pictures yet though. We were busy in the weekend and it's usually dark when we get home. Maybe next weekend. Too bad it doesn't have that fresh from the car wash look anymore.

There are a few pics now. Also, the Canadian Government finally released the models that can have rebates for fuel efficiency and our car was included. We just sent out the application.

New Car

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