Monday, February 12, 2007

Nice office

I had an interview today. It's an IT consulting company. Let's call them Company O2. Actually Sarab got me this interview. She had contacts there. I recall sending a resume thru e-mail but never got a response. I guess referrals is the way to go here.

When I got there, the first thing I noticed was the interior of the office. It's hard to explain, but the exposed wooden structures and stone walls gave it a homey, sort of outdoor feel (if that made sense). The interview was with the HR manager and it was very laid back. It was like a normal conversation where we would talk about life in the Philippines, adjusting to Canada and, naturally, the weather. Of course, we also went through my background/experience. Thankfully, no dreaded behavioral questions here. Looks like a nice place to work (although most of the time, work is out at the client site). She informs me that she'll be calling again for a technical interview. I hope so as my last interview was a couple of weeks ago and this is pretty much all I've got.

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