Monday, February 19, 2007

Still Jobless, Still Hopeful

A non-IT company with openings in their IT group I applied to just called and have scheduled an interview for Feb 27. Let's call them Company W. It's a term position but the job description seems to fit me well (Java Web Development). So that's good news.

I also had my 2nd interview at Company O2. It's a technical interview. The interviewer was a senior Java web developer. I did a bit of research before the interview, and he's pretty much were I'd like to be in a couple of years knowledge-wise. It was a very laid back interview again. He just wanted to get a feel of what my level/experience was. He didn't give me a knowledge exam or anything. So I didn't get a feeling that I did good or bad. It's more like I hope they think I'm a good fit. Oh and he mentioned that the interview process is normally long, with 5 interviews being a good estimate. Gonna wait for that phone call again I guess.

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