Saturday, March 3, 2007

Library DVDs

I knew for a while that you could rent movies from the library for about a dollar each. Now, me and Mean finally took advantage of this. They have a decent collection. Especially really old movies. We borrowed Sideways and My Fair Lady (that's Mean's rental, I swear!)

I would understand why people would think Sideways is boring (like Mean), but I'm more tolerant with these kinds of slowly paced movies. With My Fair Lady, well, I'm not a big musical fan. I still watch though because I'm interested on how things turn out. Some of the songs (Like that "with a little bit of luck" song) are really annoying though and stick to my head for hours.

We're definitely going to take advantage of this library service for a while. It's a good complement to a place like Blockbuster.

Winnipeg Library:
Official site

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