Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bus Wars

Me and Mean witnessed a fight in the bus today. There were 2 guys harassing these other 2 guys (probably both groups in High School). I'll call the harassers the "white boys", and the other group the "not white boys". Not to turn this into a racial post, but this is the only way I can think of distinguishing them. Eventually the white boys took their seats but they all kept jawing back and forth. I remember hearing these (roughly):

white boy:"Let's go b**ch"
not white 1: "I'm not a b**ch!"

white boy: "You gonna call your dad?"
not white 1: "You don't wanna mess with my dad, he's gonna f*** you up"

not white 2 on phone: "Get the baseball bat in my room"

not white 1: "Meet us at ___, these guys are harassing us."

not white 1 (mom seemed to be scolding him on the phone): "Mom! I got it!"

A little later, this stocky, kinda scary looking guy got on the bus.

not white 1: "Hey ___, you really look scared seeing my dad"
not white 1's Dad to son: "Just don't talk"

not white 1's dad: "Next stop, guys" (seemingly inviting them to get down at the next stop if they wanted to fight)

As the not whites were going down, the whites followed behind them. After the not whites got off, the whites stopped at the door just as it was closing. Unfortunately for them, one of the not whites was able to get a hand on the door, causing it to open again. They then pulled the white guy closest to the door off the bus. The other one got out too to help his friend. 2 of the non-whites ganged up on one white. The dad probably took on the other one (I couldn't really see them). While this was happening, the bus driver shouted out that the cops were coming. At the end of it all, the white guys didn't look too good when they retrieved their things from the bus.

An interesting trip. I have a few observations
- It probably isn't nice to be known as the guy who calls for his dad when he might get into a fight. (and bragging about it too)
- You can't rely on bus doors automatically closing to get you out of a fight

Then again, I don't know the whole story. I just wish my future kids stay out of trouble.

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