Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dog in the Office, Bus stop photographer

I had a couple of job interviews this week. None of them had anything immediate or promising. One of them though was a bit amusing as the company owners (who was interviewing me), had his dog with him at their office. She (a yellow Labrador retriever) was very friendly and approached me several times looking to be pet. I want a dog. I also had an interesting experience at the bus stop today. I was on my phone, checking the bus schedule, when suddenly this lady was in front of me taking pictures. She probably noticed that I was a bit surprised, so she explained that she was doing a photo essay. I just smiled and said "ok", as I pretended she wasn't there (this is probably what she wanted). After that, she went on her way. I kinda regret not asking her if she'd have an exhibit or something.

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