Saturday, January 6, 2007

My Wife the Shampoo Model + Banks

Me and Mean went out today to convert her bank accounts into joint accounts. First stop was TD Canada Trust. We had to wait a bit before they called us in but they apologized. The bank representative was very friendly and did all the typing of my information. Soon we had our joint account and I had my card.

Next stop was President's Choice Financial. PC Financial is under the same ownership of Superstore (I think). All PC Financial branches I know of are located in Superstore branches. We also had to wait a while here since there was only one bank rep serving us. Once we were served, things went fairly quickly and I got my card.

Oh and an interesting incident. As my wife and I were leaving Superstore, an old lady was coming in. She stopped my wife and said something like: "Have you seen the shampoo commercial on TV where the girl had long, black hair and she was so pretty? You remind me of her!". While she was doing this, she was stroking Mean's hair. My wife has long black hair by the way so I guess she remembered those ads where the shampoo model whips her hair all over the place. This is a good example of how differently strangers can interact here. My introverted personality is gonna need an overhaul.

Other news: I'm gonna have my first job interview on Monday with an IT consulting firm. I also have an interview set up by one of the recruiters on Tuesday. This is definitely good news. I'm sure I'm gonna be nervous as hell though.

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