Friday, January 19, 2007

Police Station

A job opening I found from a recruiter requires government security clearance. A fingerprint card is one of the requirements for this so the recruiter advised me to send her this. This can be acquired from the Public Safety Building at 151 Princess St. (near city hall). So I decide to go with mean when she goes to work (since it's on the way).

For our bus route, there are a few areas where the bus stops for longer than usual. I presume this is for the driver to take a bathroom break and/or to kill a bit of time if the bus is ahead of schedule. In one of these stops, I spotted a bird of prey type on the ground. It turns out that it was eating a pigeon. The bus might have run over it's dinner so it perched itself on top of a pile of hardened snow, waiting for the bus to leave. It probably wasn't much bigger than it's victim. Never saw much of that in the Philippines. I should really bring my camera more often.

Anyway, it wasn't so hard to find the police station. It seemed more like an office building then the police stations I'm used to. I paid the $52 (damn!) fee at a window in the lobby and proceeded to the 2nd floor. The receptionist seemed very nice and was quite helpful. I had to call the recruiter since they needed more detail on the purpose for getting fingerprints. After a short wait they called me in. They took my photo and let me fill up a short information sheet (I think it was straight to the computer). After another short wait, a police officer came in to do the fingerprinting. After cleaning my hands I had my fingerprints and I was done. I was a bit surprised they didn't keep a copy for their records. Anyway, I'll mail these prints out. I hope it leads to some possible work.

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