Saturday, December 30, 2006

PC Table

So it's time to put together our new PC table. I thought this was going to be easy since I thought all the screws and their corresponding holes would already be in place, and I would just have to put the thing together. At first it seemed that way. Until we ran into some trouble.

I would have to make my own holes for the other parts. I initially thought I had to drill or something. thankfully Tito BG told me that doing that might damage the table. So I had to use my own meager strength to make the holes with just the screw and screwdriver.

Then there were some parts that had to be screwed on but had obstructions for the screwdriver. I had to screw stuff on diagonally. There's probably a tool for this I don't know about.

Then me and my wife decided to do some parts at the same time, then just put it all together. Bad move. There's a particular sequence that needs to be done in order. So there, we had to disassemble the other half to continue.

Despite all that, we got the job done. Again a lot of help and encouragement from my wife.

So there's another example of how I suck at manual labor. I have to get myself up to speed so my future kids won't be so embarrassed about their wimpy dad (or become wimpy themselves).

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