Saturday, December 30, 2006

Winnipeg Tour

Since we had our computer, we now needed a computer table. Thankfully, My-Dinh, Means friend at work, graciously agreed to drive us around. So she picked us around lunch time and off we went.

My hadn't eaten so we looked for a place to eat. She decided to bring us to Cora's. Now I really like eggs. When I was in the Philippines, I really loved eating at this restaurant called Heaven 'n Eggs whose specialty was breakfast and meals with eggs like Omelettes, tapsilog, etc. So that was pretty much what Cora's was all about so I felt at home. And when I'm at home at a restaurant it means I could spend a really long time going over a menu, trying to decide what to eat. I'm not gonna pretend to be a food critic and try to describe to you what I ate, what was good, bad or whatever. Let's just say I'd like to come back and try everything else on the menu. We wanted to pay for My's food since she was already going out of her way to drive us around but she threatened to leave us by the side of the road. Oh well, we'll try to treat her out again when I get a job and earn some money.

So off we go to Future Shop. Future Shop is a large store chain that sells all things techie. Heaven for me if only I had the cash. We picked out a router, wireless card and a USB connector for our printer.

After this, we headed to Staples Business Depot to check out PC tables. My was also looking for a small bookshelf. We didn't get one yet though. A new experience for me is how stores here try their best to beat prices in order to make a sale. You just need to bring a brochure or point out a website where a particular item is cheaper, then the store tries their best to beat it. Anyway, that's how My got her bookshelf here.

We then headed to Wal-Mart, and the PC tables seemed better here. We still didn't get one though My spotted some Friends DVDs on sale so she decided to pick them up (with a bit of prodding from us). This would soon result in us going to each and every Wal Mart we could think of to possibly complete all 10 seasons. I think we were able to find around 4.

We went on a bit of a detour to pick up My's sister and her friend. They seemed quite nice. I also got a nice intro on the background of The Forks. It was also at this point that I notice snow starting to fall. This is the first time for me to witness snowfall so I was pretty amused.

Now here's something about North American culture I'm having a real hard time getting used to. Returns. I mean, in the Philippines, the only time you return something is when it's defective (not even that is guaranteed). Here, you can return something just because you feel like it. So there, My returned the bookshelf she bought earlier to another Staples branch. It's something I'm gonna have to get used to especially since Mean has pretty much embraced this practice.

So on one of our Wal-Mart stops, we decide on getting a table. There were some big ones that were cheap but floor area is limited in our room. We pick a tall one in stead. I'm still satisfied with the selection though.

So there, we had quite a trip around Winnipeg. Unfortunately, I still couldn't remember how to get anywhere. We headed home and took a few pictures. There's quite a bit of snow accumulating on the ground already, and it looks real nice... for now...

Mean and My

The lamest snowball fight ever

Full Photo Album

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