Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Shoe Rack

So I have to learn to be handyman. Back in the Philippines, I was never used to working on stuff. Fixing faucets, putting together furniture, etc. In CSA, we had a Work Education class in Grade School where we used hammers, saws, etc. I never did well there either. Oh regret.

So my first target would be the shoe rack. I always thought modern furniture like this didn't need tools and you pretty much just put stuff together and everything fits. I know, I'm naive. I needed a screwdriver with this one. Instructions were easy enough to understand. I didn't have much problems with this one. There was some stuff not in the manual that I had to figure out by myself, but nothing too complicated. Nothing really required me to exert much strength, thankfully. Sadly, I'm not the strongest person in the world. Anyway, here's the finished product.

Don't mind the feet please :) And the uncleaned/unshined shoes. Pretty decent shoe rack. You can adjust the length of the metal bars in case you need more space. You can also stack another shoe rack on top. My only complaint is that the parts that were supposed to cover the holes and screws didn't fit or was to loose. That's probably easily remedied but I didn't bother. I also lost some of those, hehe. Overall, a pretty good start for my handyman practice. We're sure to get a computer table soon, that should be more of a challenge.

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