Tuesday, June 12, 2007

5 years

June 8 was me and Means 5th year as a couple (not married). We weren't able to celebrate then though. So I got her some flowers in the meantime.

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The bus driver today was pretty funny. When I boarded the bus with the flowers he said: "Oh you shouldn't have!".

Today we finally celebrated by having dinner at Olive Garden. Olive Garden is a well-known Italian Restaurant here (based in the US). I learn that they have over 600 branches in North America. I'm no food critic, so I'll just say I enjoyed it and left with a hard time walking. Mean couldn't finish her food so we had it packed. Service was great with the crew extra attentive to diners. We'll definitely go back there several more times to try out other menu items.

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Olive Garden Official Site

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Ash d(-_-)b said...

Olive Garden have the best Garlic bread sticks!Congratulations! 5 years na pala...whew time flies...:)