Saturday, June 16, 2007

Red River Tour

Meanmean's department in Great West Life had an outing yesterday and she brought me along. They had a paddle wheel boat tour on the Red River. The boat kinda looked like this but smaller and with no railings on the sides (This is the Paddlewheel queen, we were on the Princess):

The boat was pretty much a floating restaurant. They had counters to buy food (mostly burgers, hotdogs, fries, etc.), drinks and liquor. They had tables, chairs and an area for dancing and other activities.

We were supposed to go through the downtown part of the river. However, the water level was high so we probably couldn't get under this bridge.

We went North instead. There were still some interesting things to see. A few bridges and a lot of nice, big houses. There were also quite a few small motorboats zipping about. People, especially kids, were waving at us as we passed.

We stayed outside for most of the trip. There was a lot of activity inside the boat. I believe there was dancing, singing and a few games. Most of the people we're also drinking. Me and Mean don't drink though.

The boat left the docks at a little after 7pm and the trip ended a little before 10pm. A pretty nice river tour, though I haven't been on many. I'd also like to go on one that goes south towards downtown though. Going on this trip also makes me think about the rivers in Manila like the Pasig river. How things could have been different if we didn't pollute it so much.

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