Friday, June 22, 2007


Just this Wednesday, I had to get a package from Dad at Fedex. Tita Ana agreed to let me drive her car. She had to come along since I didn't have a full license yet. Was a bit nervous since I haven't driven since Christmas Eve(2006) in the Philippines before I left. It turned out ok I guess. I was constantly asking what the speed limit was. I have to practice looking over my shoulder when changing lanes. This driving session probably emboldened Mean to call a driving school herself to schedule a refresher session for me so that I can take the driving test already. I suppose I've waited too long. It might also be time to buy a car.

We went to The Ex at Red River Exhibition Park this evening. But it started to rain when we got there. We decided to go Tomorrow or Sunday so our $28 tickets won't be wasted. I see possible rain in the forecasts though and Sunday is the last day so we'll just have to go.

Info: Red River Exhibition Park

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