Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hot in Here

I've started bringing my signature towel again. The old sweaty Patrick is back. The other day, it reached 30+ degrees C. It's eventually going to reach Philippine levels but with much less humidity. I now know that 15-20 degrees (Spring time) is my ideal temperature. Thanks to the weather, people are heading to the Parks for picnics, a lot of them Pinoys. At the same time though, it's been raining quite a bit. So people here really pay attention to weather reports. Since arriving in Canada, I now understand why Sims have a "talk about the weather" option. In the Philippines it's just "it's hot", "it's hot", "it's hot", "it's raining", "it's flooding", "it's hot", "it's hot"...

I saw a group of around 50 geese(?), both young and adult, walking at the side of the road while I was on the bus. I've heard that they sometimes stop traffic when crossing the street. It's a good thing most people here respect animals and don't run them over (and I think there are genuinely enforced laws against that)

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