Friday, June 29, 2007

Moving soon

There's this apartment downtown which we've been waiting to have vacancies. We had a chance around a month back to get in but we didn't feel we were ready since it was really short notice. A few days ago we were informed that another unit freed up and we decided to go for it despite the similarly short notice. Earlier today, we got confirmation that we got it and we can move in as early as July 3. We probably won't move that early though.

Due to this, we started shopping around for essential furniture. Namely a bed and a small dining table. So we went to what seems to be the furniture sector of the city at Ellice and St. James area. We actually were at the area to pick-up a microwave on sale at Superstore. However, it seems these were wiped out. While walking around the area we found a JYSK store. Mean spotted a small, cheap dining table and chairs in their flyers the other day. We found the set in the store and decided to buy it. We'll have to find a way to transport it though (delivery is nearly half of the purchase price).

Another thing we looked around for are beds. We checked out a bunch of furniture stores but a lot of these seemed to cater to richer folk and didn't have a lot of beds. The places that seemed to have what we need (and can afford) were The Brick and Sleep Country. They both had good selections and good service though I suppose I'd give an edge in the "sales talk" category to Sleep Country. Not that the guy at The Brick was bad, he was quite helpful. The Sleep Country guy was just really seemed into his job. He even suggested we check out competitors like the Brick and Sears (which we'll check out tomorrow). We haven't fully decided what to buy yet though. Maybe after we check out Sears. Beds are quite expensive though especially for Peso converters. But I guess it's a good investment.

There are a lot of things we need to buy initially. We'll try to take things slow though; gradually put together a decent home. It's a bit scary given the expenses, adjustments and added responsibility. But at the same time, it's exciting with more freedom and a place we can call home. Me and Mean will now have to depend on each other even more. I guess we're gonna find out even more what marriage is all about.

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chaling said...

Hello Pat! Good luck sa paglilipat niyo ng apartment. =) Pakumusta ke Meanmean. =)